Tricks of The Trade

Know the purpose of each tool in your toolbox, and use each for the task it was designed to do. Keep cutting edges sharp. Before you lift anything think about the weight of the load. Too heavy? Get help, not hurt! When you do lift, bend your knees, hold the load close to your body […]

Promoting Electrical Safety

Ensure your electrical tools are used with a G.F.C.I. grounded power supply; Essential for all electric power tools Especially important if working outdoors or in wet conditions Immediately replace all worn, frayed, torn, or otherwise damaged electrical cords, cables, outlets, etc. Equip temporary lights with non-conductive guards. Always unplug unused Tools. Hazards While Climbing: Ladders […]


During this current global crisis, Culbertson Company is taking steps to assure our clients and employees that we have been diligent monitoring all information, data and facts available on the COVID-19. At this time both Maryland and Virginia have announced new regulations regarding the Pandemic COVID-19. Among the new regulations announced, certain “non-essential” businesses in […]