During this current global crisis, Culbertson Company is taking steps to assure our clients and employees that we have been diligent monitoring all information, data and facts available on the COVID-19. At this time both Maryland and Virginia have announced new regulations regarding the Pandemic COVID-19. Among the new regulations announced, certain “non-essential” businesses in Virginia and Maryland were asked to close.

It is Culbertson Company’s understanding that construction service providers of building and property maintenance and residential and commercial construction companies are to remain open. The waterproofing/roofing services Culbertson Company provides falls under the “Additional Businesses Organizations & Facilities that May Remain Open.” Therefore, Culbertson Company will remain open to serve our existing clients while implementing and utilizing the guidelines set forth by the government.

Please know that we are prioritizing the health and well-being of our employees and our clients and will not jeopardize or compromise their safety in any way. Culbertson Company is committed to keeping our employees working in a safe and health conscious manner.

For our employees and client’s collective long-term best interests of all involved in this pandemic Culbertson Company will be judicious in how we assign resources to both office and field/on-site related assignments. To aid with that, we have implemented the following policies:

  1. Staff that can work remotely from their homes are doing so, office staff is limited to under 10 and social distancing in in place.

  2. Staff that are working on site are to adhere to the “less than 10” guideline and crew sizes have been adjusted accordingly. Proper PPE Equipment will also be utilized.

  3. On site visits by our management staff has been adjusted to alternative communications such as phone, email, photographs and or video conferencing with job-site foreman. On site visits will be conducted on a “as needed basis” until it is deemed safe (by the Federal Government) to return to normal procedures.

  4. Sales staff are available via phone and email communications and can meet if needed in a safe environment limiting the group size to accommodate the social distancing. They will adhere to all health/safety guidelines when meeting is necessary.

Culbertson Company will continue to monitor and follow local, State and Federal authorities’ policies and review conditions daily. Should anything change we will modify our policy to match current restrictions and customer’s needs.

Culbertson Company wants to thank everyone for their understanding of this situation, and we praise all that have put the health and welfare of our communities first and foremost.

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