While concrete masonry is a building material well-known for its strength, durability, and resistance, it is common for the material to deteriorate and require some repairs after years of being exposed. Culbertson Company is well versed in the construction of masonry and stone façade systems, creating a strong and cohesive appearance of your commercial building. We take caution and carefully analyze your existing arrangement and ultimately deliver stunning success with seamlessly blended masonry restoration.


We’re proud to offer effective repair solutions when it comes to your garage, balcony, and terrace restoration around Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our detailed craftsmanship, safety-oriented mentality, and practical problem solving guarantees success no matter the level of complexity.

Whether it’s chemical damage or corrosion of embedded steel reinforcements, overtime concrete can deteriorate for various causes. We have the necessary tools and industry experience to repair and strengthen concrete structures. Culbertson Company will carefully evaluate your building components to determine the reason for deterioration and then discuss the appropriate next steps for restoration.

By applying a liquid or semi-liquid coating system to your restoration work, we’re able to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look in addition to creating a supportive finish that allows for longer-lasting durability. A new coating system can improve the surface and offer maximum protection in a setting where heavy foot and vehicular traffic are continuous. With our proper application techniques, we can improve the appearance of your garage, terrace, or balcony while also minimizing future maintenance or costly repairs.

A concrete expansion joint is a gap that allows the concrete to expand and contract as needed depending on temperature changes. By forming a break between the concrete and other parts of the structure, movement is allowed without causing stress to the concrete which could ultimately lead to cracking. Throughout many years, Culbertson Company has gained extensive knowledge for all aspects of expansion joints.

Railings are an essential safety component of your commercial garage, balcony, and terrace. Culbertson Company will visit your site to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary for the best outcome of your building.

Waterproofing is essential to sealing and creating a building envelope (the physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building). Our vast knowledge when it comes to handling a variety of waterproofing services makes all the difference when it comes to controlling the environment of your building.


Over time, concrete can degrade for a variety of reasons, from chemical and fire damage to corrosion to aggregated expansion. Our extensive experience in concrete repairs and structure reinforcement allows us to not only determine the cause of degradation, but handle the different restoration techniques that may be necessary. Once concrete begins to crack, a number of other issues may soon arise, including groundwater penetrating through the cracks. We are well equipped to tackle your concrete repairs regardless of the level of severity


You know what they say about first impressions being everything? Well at Culbertson Company we find great truth in that statement. Make sure your commercial building presents a first impression like no other with our list of extensive façade repair and restoration services.

Our experienced masonry restoration team is able to preserve the life of your commercial building with an updated masonry façade. We are able to identify exactly where the issue lies and suggest a thoughtful repair plan that will protect your building and tenants. 

If you notice appearance distress in your building such as cracks, flaking, efflorescence, or loose units, see how our service can make a difference.

The importance of a healthy brick façade is two-fold. Not only do façades present an alluring appearance to your commercial building, but they contribute tremendously to a building’s performance and have a significant role in the overall structural design. Culbertson Company has proudly carried out stunning façade restoration work on a number of commercial buildings throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our experts are trained to deliver high-level service and quality work so your building has the aesthetic and protection it deserves.

Concrete and stone can suffer from years of exposure that creates damage and possible structure failure. Culbertson Company can properly restore the concrete façade of your commercial building.

When the mortar for your building needs to be removed and replaced after years of weather exposure, Culbertson Company will come and assess the situation and provide a repair and/or maintenance plan.

When it comes to any building’s maintenance routine, cleaning and replacing sealants as they deteriorate is an important part of that practice, especially given the nature of sealants in the first place. Generally, sealant applications are designed to adhere to a given surface and provide protection for the valuable materials or surfaces underneath. When done properly and used with the appropriate sealant, you can prolong the exterior surface and façade of your commercial building. Our seasoned experts have years of experience with varying surfaces which means we know which sealant your building requires to prevent quick deterioration.


Culbertson Company is here to ensure the walk to your building is well constructed with a pristine look. We are equipped to replace sections at a time or replacing it in its entirety. If your sidewalk is desperate for some TLC, our restoration repair and replacement services are exactly what you need. 


Foundation walls are designed to accomplish two things: structural support and environmental control. These walls can be a cast-in-place concrete retaining wall or a structural wall with load bearing pilasters, Culbertson Company is able to provide below grade waterproofing applications that can extend the life of your commercial building. Below grade exterior waterproofing is the most effective way to stop water infiltration. By placing a barrier between the concrete and surrounding earth, we can ensure the integrity of your foundation will settle properly and minimize unwanted repairs in the future. Our field proven waterproofing membrane systems and trusted application process is designed to withstand harsh conditions that would otherwise form entryways for water intrusion. 

With below grade chemical grout injections, leaks and other infiltration can be controlled in many commercial structures. This practice is also used to repair pipe joints, stabilize soils to increase bearing capacity, and lift settled slabs.

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