Heat Stress

Different people react differently to heat. Some symptoms of heat exhaustion are headache, heat cramps, weakness, dizziness or nausea. You may have blurred vision, pass out, suffer convulsions and ultimately death. High humidity adds to the suffering. Your body will not cool down as much from sweating because the sweat cannot evaporate as efficiently. Everyone […]

The Fatal Four Hazards

These are a few examples of the fatal four hazards in the construction industry. It is important that construction workers understand that these types of hazards are responsible for the majority of injuries and fatalities in their field of work. In your work today evaluate your work tasks and work area for these hazards. Falls […]

Ladder Safety

Ladders shall be inspected frequently and those which have developed defects shall be withdrawn from service for repair or destruction and tagged or marked as “Dangerous, Do Not Use.” OSHA 1910.26(c)(2)(vi) – Ladders are to be inspected: (c)(2)(vi)(a) If ladders tip over or (c)(2)(vi)(d) If ladders are exposed to oil and grease OSHA 1910.27(f) – […]

Promoting Electrical Safety

Ensure your electrical tools are used with a G.F.C.I. grounded power supply; Essential for all electric power tools Especially important if working outdoors or in wet conditions Immediately replace all worn, frayed, torn, or otherwise damaged electrical cords, cables, outlets, etc. Equip temporary lights with non-conductive guards. Always unplug unused Tools. Hazards While Climbing: Ladders […]


During this current global crisis, Culbertson Company is taking steps to assure our clients and employees that we have been diligent monitoring all information, data and facts available on the COVID-19. At this time both Maryland and Virginia have announced new regulations regarding the Pandemic COVID-19. Among the new regulations announced, certain “non-essential” businesses in […]

All Around Safety

It’s 2019! Hope Everyone Had a Happy and Safe Holiday Season Culbertson would like to extend its’ appreciation to all of you for a job well done in 2018 and thanks for your continued involvement in our safety program. As 2019 gets started, lets all do our part to make this an Accident/Incident Free Year. […]